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US specialty formulations completes phase I of clinical trials for the Qyndr Vaccine

Thursday, September 7th, 2023

The promising results in phase I of clinical trials bring USSF one step closer to an adaptable, convenient oral vaccine for COVID-19, Group A Strep and flu

ALLENTOWN, PA, US, September 7, 2023/ — QYNDR (pronounced kinder), is a next-generation vaccine that addresses the challenges of the current COVID-19 vaccines. After completing phase I of clinical trials, US Specialty Formulations, LLC. (USSF) is another step closer to launching a new, multi-faceted oral vaccine that can be stored easily, administered needle-free with the ability to fight against a range of diseases and viruses.

“The phase I clinical data showed strong evidence that this oral platform and vaccine is a revolutionary industry disruptor and will become the preferred method of vaccination in the future,” said USSF CEO and Co-founder Kyle Flanigan, Ph.D. “As we proceed into phase II and III, we are confident this next generation vaccine will be more effective than other mucosal vaccines in current development and testing.”

The human clinical phase I safety trial took place in New Zealand, which provided the opportunity to look at the efficacy of QYNDR compared to already approved vaccines in New Zealand. After administering and closely monitoring the results of the oral QYNDR vaccine, the clinical results were excellent in terms of longevity and cross variant protection from multiple COVID-19 strains. The study may have identified a correlation of protection against the virus and other strains to be investigated further in an upcoming phase II clinical trial currently under development.

The protein-based oral vaccine (is a mucosal vaccine) is formulated by Co-founders Garry Morefield, Ph.D and his partner Kyle Flanigan, Ph.D . and their accomplished team of scientists at VaxForm and USSF. With decades of experience in the multiple stages of pharmaceutical development and medical performance materials, Dr. Morefield and Dr. Flanigan discovered an elegant solution for a simple-to-take vaccine supported by extensive research that oral vaccines boast numerous advantages over injectables.

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