Setting the Standard with cGMP Excellence

Welcome to the forefront of pharmaceutical manufacturing excellence, where USSF combines its dedication to precision with Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) principles to deliver cutting-edge services. Our state-of-the -art processes are engineered to provide a wide array of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of small molecule pharmaceuticals, advanced formulation and fill services, and beyond.

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Cutting-edge cGPM Services in State of the Art Facilities

Small Molecule Pharmaceuticals

Precision in Every Molecule

Our small molecule pharmaceutical services are exemplified by a commitment to excellence in every aspect of production. From drug discovery and development to pharmaceutical formulation and manufacturing, USSF ensures that each batch meets the highest standards of quality and efficacy.

Advanced Formulation and Fill Services

Innovate, Formulate, Deliver

USSF excels in providing advanced formulation and fill services that cater to the evolving demands of the pharmaceutical industry. Our cutting-edge formulations are co-developed with the drug inventor to address specific therapeutic needs, ensuring that the final product is not only effective but also easily scalable for commercial production.

Drug Manufacturing Companies Collaboration

Partnering for Success

Collaborate with USSF to propel your drug manufacturing efforts to new heights. We welcome partnerships with drug manufacturing companies seeking to leverage our cGMP expertise and state-of- the-art infrastructure for efficient and compliant pharmaceutical production.

Private Label Formulations and Packaging

Your Brand, Our Expertise

USSF offers private label formulation, fill,  pack and ship services, allowing pharmaceutical  and cosmetic companies to establish their unique brand identity. Our expertise in cGMP ensures that your products meet the highest quality standards, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Oral Mucosal Vaccine Delivery Platform

Revolutionizing Vaccine Delivery

Explore our innovative oral mucosal vaccine delivery platform designed to enhance vaccine efficacy. USSF’s expertise in cGMP materials for vaccine manufacturing ensures the production of safe and effective vaccines that contribute to global health initiatives.
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IV Bags Single & Multi-chamber

Intravenous Excellence

USSF has experience filling IV bags, available in single and multi- chamber configurations. The bags are filled and packed to custo mers’ exacting standards. USSF’s commitment to excellence ensures that every bag is identical, defect free and is compliant with whatever regulatory requirements are in place around the globe.
Integrated Drug Discovery

cGMP Materials for Vaccine Manufacturing

Pioneering Vaccine Excellence

USSF specializes in the production of cGMP materials for vaccine manufacturing. Trust us to provide the critical clinical components necessary for the development of vaccines.  We provide pre-clinical as well as materials for human trials from Phase I thought commercialization.
Integrated Drug Discovery

cGMP Vaccine Adjuvant Development

Elevating Vaccine Potency

Our cGMP vaccine adjuvant development services focus on enhancing the potency of vaccines. USSF leverages its expertise to develop adjuvants that optimize immune response, contributing to the success of vaccine formulations.
Integrated Drug Discovery

Stability Programs for cGMP

Ensuring Long-Term Product Integrity

Stability is paramount in pharmaceuticals. USSF’s stability programs for cGMP ensure that your products maintain their quality over time, meeting regulatory requirements and providing confidence in product integrity.
Integrated Drug Discovery

Comprehensive cGMP Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Elevating Vaccine Potency

As a leading cGMP pharmaceutical manufacturer, USSF embodies a commitment to excellence in every batch produced. Our comprehensive services cover all aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing, from research and development to production and distribution.
Integrated Drug Discovery

cGMP Media Manufacturing Services

Media That Matters

USSF’s cGMP media manufacturing services ensure that the media used in diagnoistic applications meets the highest standards. Trust us for reliable and sterile media manufacturing to support your pharmaceutical processes.
Integrated Drug Discovery

GMP Manufacturing Expertise

Beyond Just Compliance

As a leading cGMP pharmaceutical manufacturer, USSF embodies a commitment to excellence in every batch produced. Our comprehensive services cover all aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing, from research and development to production and distribution.
Integrated Drug Discovery

Drug Discovery and Development

From Concept to Reality

mbark on a journey of drug discovery and development with USSF. Our experienced team is equipped to navigate the complex and dynamic landscape of pharmaceutical research, turning concepts into tangible, market-ready products.
Integrated Drug Discovery

Pharmaceutical Product Development

Innovate, Formulate, Deliver

USSF’s pharmaceutical product development services focus on innovation, formulation, and reliable delivery. Partner with us to bring your pharmaceutical products to market with confidence, knowing they meet the highest quality standards.
Integrated Drug Discovery

Pharmaceutical Formulation Development

Tailored Formulations for Success

USSF’s pharmaceutical formulation development services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each product. Our formulation experts work collaboratively utilizing our labs with state of the art instrumentation to create solutions that optimize efficacy, stability, and positive patient outcome.

Drug Research and Development Process

Rigorous Research, Pioneering Development

Experience a meticulously planned drug research and developm -ent process at USSF. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each stage of the process is characterized by rigor, innovation, and adherence to regulatory standards.

Precision, Excellence, Innovation: The USSF Advantage in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

USSF’s pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing services stand as a testament to our dedication to excellence, precision, and innovation. Partner with us to elevate your development or commercialization program to new heights, confident in the knowledge that every unit meets and exceeds cGMP and GMP standards. Together, let’s pioneer the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Contact USSF