Pitcher Plant Distillate (SARAPIN ™)

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Pitcher Plant Distillate (SARAPIN ™)

Discover Pitcher Plant Distillate (SARAPIN ™), a botanical extract derived from the purple pitcher plant, used for centuries for its various properties. With a legacy steeped in holistic tradition, Pitcher Plant Distillate (SARAPIN ™) is used in offices by healthcare professionals as an option for pain management.

Pitcher Plant distillate is a compounded medication to be used by a knowledgeable healthcare provider. It has not been reviewed by the FDA for efficacy or safety in any intended uses.

How Supplied

Our Pitcher Plant Distillate (SARAPIN ™) extract is a distillate of the pitcher plant.

  • Sarapin comes in a box of 2 x 10mL vials.
  • We ask that you initially pay with a credit card. Once you are an established customer, we can move to terms.
  • We invoice at the time of shipping when we have the shipping cost and tracking number.
  • Store Pitcher Plant Distillate (SARAPIN ™) at room temperature (59°-86°F) for its 12-month recommended shelf life.
  • Pitcher Plant Distillate (SARAPIN ™) is supplied only to currently licensed healthcare professionals.
  • For further inquiry regarding Sarapin pricing and any other details, please reach out to us at orderdesk@ussfgmp.com

Quality You Can Trust

Our Pitcher Plant Distillate (SARAPIN ™) extract is sourced and processed for quality and purity. Each batch undergoes rigorous testing to ensure consistency, giving you peace of mind knowing you’re receiving a product you can trust.