Research demonstrates benefits of oral covid-19 vaccine

March 24, 2023

QYNDR Vaccine Can Survive the Acidity of the Stomach and Reduces Viral Shedding


Allentown, PA – Human clinical and pre-clinical data has shown that QYNDR, the oral-mucosal COVID vaccine particle, can survive stomach acidity and train the lymphatic system to recognize and respond to vaccine targets, in this case, COVID strains. As a mucosal vaccine, it also reduces the amount of vial ‘shedding,’ which is how an infected person spreads the live COVID-19 and many other respiratory viruses through nasal or oral secretions. This is possible because mucosal vaccines are delivered to the body via the oral route rather than injected into the bloodstream providing more “bang for the buck” in terms of protection.

Having an oral vaccine that can survive the acidity of the stomach and reduce viral shedding is a significant development for two reasons:

1) Once the oral vaccine passes the stomach and into the intestines, it can deliver the antigen to the lymphatic system, which starts the body’s process of anti-body generations, thus assisting in ‘preventing’ the virus from taking hold in the host. If the virus is able to overwhelm the immune system, then the effects/host should not suffer life-threatening trauma.

2) A person who receives an injectable vaccine can continue to ‘shed’ the live virus as their body fights the internal infection. However, having an effective oral mucosal vaccine is believed to reduce the amount of shedding, leading to a reduction in outbreaks and the development of variants. This is a key point to global infectious disease and health departments attempting to halt the spread of disease.

“There are several additional advantages to an oral mucosal-based vaccine over conventional injectable vaccines, such as fewer side effects, they can be self-administered and they do not need to be refrigerated. In fact, the QYNDR vaccine can withstand temperatures up to 143°F/60°C. This makes the vaccine easier to transport to remote locations since it does not require special handling, a perfect vaccine platform for any serious vaccination campaign.

Additionally, the QYNDR vaccine is 10ml of a drinkable liquid, much like water, without a taste or smell.Dr. Kyle Flanigan, US Specialty Formulations (USSF) CEO and Co-founder, describes it as a “swish and swallow” method. Future variations could contain a cocktail of several different vaccine particles. For example, it could include two (2) flu strains and six (6) COVID variants.

“swish and swallow” method. Future variations could contain a cocktail of several different vaccine particles. For example, it could include two (2) flu strains and six (6) COVID variants. The proprietary technology available to USSF allows the company to tailor the platform – or vaccine targets – to a variety of different targets as USSF is looking for additional collaborations for just this purpose.

USSF completed the first stage of clinical trials and is proceeding into the second and third stages. Due to the magnitude of participants and global reach of these trials, USSF is seeking government and corporate funding. Succeeding in these trials will demonstrate the flexibility and power the oral QYNDR delivery technology provides, while the evidence concludes the vaccine may provide better overall protection than that of injectable vaccines – thus providing another tool in safeguarding domestic populations and internationally.

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