Discover a kinder oral vaccine at the world vaccine congress

March 24, 2023

The drinkable vaccine platform changes the vaccination landscape

Allentown, Pa – At the most important vaccine event of the year, biotech firm US Specialty Formulations™ (USSF™) will highlight QYNDR™, a cutting-edge oral vaccine created in response to the U.S. government’s call for alternative COVID-19 vaccines. This oral platform may be a successful yet versatile option against many viruses and illnesses, from common colds, flus and COVID to West Nile, MERS, Group A Strep and Nipah.

USSF will attend the World Vaccine Congress, the premiere event for R&D and strategic partnering for the global vaccine industry, April 4 – 6, 2023, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. USSF Co-Founders Kyle Flanigan, Ph.D. and Garry Morefield, Ph.D. will discuss their new mucosal vaccine, QYNDER, a ‘kinder’ vaccine with their peers, leading biotech executives, investors and other industry stakeholders.

“We are thrilled to be attending the World Vaccine Congress and to have the opportunity to meet with key players in the industry,” said CEO Dr. Flanigan. “This week will provide a valuable opportunity for us to discuss our innovative technology and to find additional resources to help us continue driving our QYNDR vaccine mission forward.

“QYNDR is a vaccine we developed out of urgency but has demonstrated in its Phase I human clinical trial, feasibility as a solution to better protect against not only SARS-CoV-2 but a range of viruses. In early 2020, our biotech firm was approaching the clinical trial stage of an oral DTaP vaccine and was able to pivot the development to create QYNDR. Through induction of mucosal IgA and serum IgG, this vaccine will make administration, adherence and protection better and more accessible for all,” said Dr. Flanigan.

The protein-based mucosal vaccine was formulated by Dr. Flanigan and COO Dr. Morefield and their accomplished team of scientists. The teams created a simple-to-take vaccine supported by extensive research. It is known that oral vaccines boast numerous advantages over injectables, and this vaccine has all of these including:

  • Fewer side effects and long-lasting protection: After ingesting QYNDR, acceptable levels of antibodies persist for a significant amount of time without negative side effects. By adding an oral vaccine to complement the world’s vaccine mRNA arsenal, larger populations can be protected against viruses due to its ease of use.
  • Adaptable: Oral mucosal vaccines have shown cross-strain protection and are positioned to be updated as viruses mutate.
  • Convenient: QYNDR vaccines do not require medical administration, just open the bottle and drink. They are shelf stable, which means no refrigeration or other special handling
  • Reduced risk of transmission (shedding): Recent data shows that immunized people continue to ‘shed’ live viruses after exposure. These mucosal vaccines are believed to reduce the amount of virus in the mucosa, reducing the risk of virus shedding and stopping the spread.
  • Supplying the demand: QYNDR can help meet the underserved demand for global vaccines, which is higher than what the large suppliers provide. It does not require refrigeration to transport, distribute or store, making it more accessible.

USSF has completed the first stage of clinical trials and is proceeding into the second and third stages. With funding for additional testing, QYNDR has the potential to become an over-the-counter vaccine. USSF is continues to accept investors to accompany them on their journey to bring this revolutionary technology to the market and change the vaccine landscape forever.

About USSF

A minority-controlled business and manufacturer of sterile injectable, topical and specialty pharmaceuticals. It manufactures its own branded prescription products and provides clinical materials for investigational new drug applications, specialty formulations, adjuvants and fermentation and purification services requested by biotech companies.

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