Q&A With Dr. Kyle Flanigan, Ph.D., Co-Founder And CEO Of USSF

August 3, 2022
USSF co-founders Dr. Kyle Flanigan, Ph.D. (on right) and Dr. Garry Morefield, Ph.D. (on the left)
Dr. Kyle Flanigan, Ph.D., discusses the benefits of an oral COVID-19 vaccine.

Doctors are still trying to perfect the COVID-19 vaccines. Dr. Kyle Flanigan, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of USSF, discussed his work with Dr. Garry Morefield, Ph.D., on an oral vaccine against the virus.

(Pharm Exec): What are the benefits to an oral vaccine compared to an injection?

Flanigan: We believe our oral platform is the future of vaccines. It is evident that an oral vaccine does not require needles, thus the additional benefits include ease of use, non-invasive delivery method, and the manufacturing is significantly less risky. The US Specialty Formulations LLC (USSF) COV2-OGEN1 oral vaccine is stable to very high temperatures and does not need the same cold-chain logistics and storage requirements as other vaccines that are currently on the market.

A significant feature is that it is stable up to 140° Fahrenheit for more than three months. Further, an oral vaccine does not require a health care practitioner to administer. For a country looking to vaccinate its population, it is an ideal option as more people are likely to take it.

Our vaccine shows a significant IgA response in both serum and mucosal systems which is considered key for preventing respiratory infection. It is an oral vaccine that meets people’s lifestyles.

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