Oral COVID-19 Vaccine Developed In PA May Be Ready In Early 2021

December 4, 2020

PENNSYLVANIA — Two Pennsylvania companies are working together on groundbreaking, orally-administered coronavirus vaccines and hope to have their vaccines available by early to mid 2021. Clinical evaluations in humans are slated to begin in February 2021.During a news conference Thursday, US Specialty Formulations (USSF) CEO Dr.

Kyle Flanigan and VaxForm President Dr. Garry Morefield described the two versions of the vaccines their companies are teaming up to develop and produce at an Allentown plant. The vaccines will be offered in a liquid form and a capsule form. Morefield said the oral vaccines are anticipated to be equally as effective as injectable vaccines.

Flanigan said the trials should be completed by May, and at that point the companies will apply for an emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration. However, exact timelines for vaccine production, approval, and distribution are difficult to establish.

About oral vaccines

Oral vaccines are not dependent on cold chain or the same material supply sets standard pharmaceuticals do, Flanigan said. Additionally, injectable vaccines need to have very high safety and sterility levels compared to what is needed for an oral system, Flanigan noted.

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